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About Us


Hi everyone!

Thank you for clicking onto my website. My name is Kathy Henning and I am the original HAMMERING GIRL. I am a multi-media artist. My storefront is a 4 foot x 4 foot booth, a small but prime piece of real estate, at the historic 103 year old Pike Place Public Market in Seattle, Washington, USA. I set up my affirmation bracelet display each morning , and pack it up again each evening. Throughout the midnight hours the booths are empty. Each morning they come to life again.

The market is my home. I am surrounded by old friends, new friends, and awesome things. All around are fresh flowers, fresh produce, artists, farmers, musicians, arts, crafts, and music. Every year, over 10 million visitors from around the world and locally come here to experience our market’s vibrant uniqueness and take home great memories. It is a public market, owned by the citizens of Seattle. It is more than a pearl. It is a historic gem.

I have sold my art and affirmation bracelets at Pike Place Market for 30 years and I am very grateful to be a part of this incredible community of diverse cultures and one of a kind treasures found only here. The view from my “shop” at the market overlooks the breath-taking Puget Sound, several islands, and the Olympic Mountains. Seattle sunsets are among the best. Ferry boats and cruise ships, cargo containers and tug boats, sailboats and kayaks, sea lions and salmon all go about their glorious day on top of and below the water. And WOW! I love it here.

For the past 10 years I have been hand hammering affirmation bracelets and earrings, one letter at a time, onto sterling silver and copper metals. I use a ball peen hammer and individual steel stamps to create my jewelry. The whole process requires a LOT of hammering. And that is why they call me the HAMMERING GIRL.


My hope is to connect with your heart and soul. I strive to have quotes that fit all seasons of your life. I am also happy to hand hammer custom affirmation bracelets for you; a truly unique gift.  It has been a pleasure to personally meet so many of you throughout the years. I hope you find my affirmation jewelry a meaningful gift for you or someone you love. Please feel free to email me, call, or come visit me at the market with any questions or orders. You can find me, or my awesome employees at the market most days of the year.

Thank you!

Kathy Henning